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The biggest mistake anyone can make is not creating a last will and testament. This fairly inexpensive estate planning vehicle can save your family a substantial amount of issues if it isn’t drafted. For starters, suppose you have a minor you take care of or a special needs dependent. If no will is filed, the state will decide who would be best suited to take care of the dependent. With a will, you have the option to designate a guardian. Suppose now you have property you own and you have no immediate family. Perhaps you want all of your wealth to go to a charity or a distant nephew. With no will in place, the court system may decide to donate all of your assets to the State of New York. Some people may be perfectly fine with this but if you want a measure of control as to what happens with your belongings, you should consider creating a will.

Assuming you may be interested in having a will in place, you will be handed control over the following matters if the will is accepted by Surrogate’s Court:

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