Probate Court

Probate Court

probate court in nySurrogate’s Court, which is also referred to as Probate Court, is a specialized court focused on having hearings for cases in which the affairs of the deceased are handled. When a will is involved and the deceased dies testate, the case will be handled through probate. When there is no will involved and the deceased dies intestate, the matter will be handled through the process of estate administration.

When there is a will, Surrogate’s Court will verify the validity and reliability of the will, ensure the executor is handling the finances of the estate properly, and make certain the distribution of assets are appropriately handled as stipulated in the last will and testament. In the event that no will was prepared, the court will decide upon the correct distribution of the decedents property and assets. The court will also decide who should be the administrator of the will.

It also happens that a will may be contested. When questioning the validity of the will, these exact type of cases are also handled in probate court. Although settlements due tend to reconcile the issues between all parties, when the situation becomes irreconcilable, Surrogate’s Court is where complete closure is given to the matter.

If you have a case that may appear in probate court, consider retaining an Estate Lawyer in NY. An estate lawyer is able to assist you with preparing and filing wills and trusts. Should you need a guardian to be appointed in order for a minor child or a special needs person to be taken care of, an attorney can assist you with that. Also, as mentioned earlier, when an individual passes away with a will, the probate process can take several months to finally be resolved. Having a probate lawyer at your side can simplify the process. A probate attorney understands the various nuances and requirements that take place within Surrogate’s Court. Also, each state has it’s own laws regarding the probate of a will. By retaining the right attorney, you position yourself to be better prepared for any issues that may reveal themselves during the probate process.

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