What Are The Qualities Of A Good Estate Planning Attorney?

    What Are The Qualities Of A Good Estate Planning Attorney?

    What Are The Qualities Of A Good Estate Planning Attorney? 150 150 Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq.

    What Makes A Good Estate Planning Lawyer?

    When hiring an estate attorney, you are essentially looking for the same qualities that you look for in hiring any other professional. When filing taxes, you hire an accountant who you believe will ensure that you are in compliance with all IRS rules and regulations, and most importantly will save you money. The same goes with hiring an attorney. What makes any attorney great, not just “good,” is their ability to provide clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions. Great lawyers know more than just the law. They understand people, and understand the policies behind the law. A great lawyer is committed to their client.

    What Makes You Different and Unique With Estate Planning Vs. Every Other Lawyer?

    My mission is to get results for my clients. My driving force is not monetary; it is a genuine love for my profession. I am dedicated to providing quality services at a reasonable price, while treating clients with respect. I am passionate about estate law, and excited about the opportunity to help clients secure their legacies. With intense competition in the legal arena, it is vital that lawyers can demonstrate zealous advocacy and commitment to their clients.

    Do You Have Any Interesting Case Studies To Share?

    Recently I had a client who accidentally stumbled upon my website and gave me a call. Her sole asset was a $100,000 life insurance policy, nothing more. Her designated beneficiaries were her daughter and son, to be distributed in equal proportions. Sounded a like a good plan at start. However, her son had a mental disorder and was a Social Security Disability recipient. In all of his adulthood, the mother had made his monthly rent payments, and paid all utility bills. He had never even deposited a check. Her main concern was that, upon her passing he would end up homeless and would not be able to provide for himself, even though he would inherit $50,000. Notably, the son would no longer qualify for SSI benefits upon the disbursement. Truth is that the insurance company is not concerned with the mental state of the designated beneficiaries, their sole task is to issue a check and close out the policy.

    The solution was clear. We created a Special Needs trust, and everyone was happy. The daughter would inherit her share of $50,000, and the remaining amount would be held by a trust for the benefit of the son, with the daughter named as the trustee, along with a successor trustee. From the special needs trust, the daughter can pay for virtually any service needed by the beneficiary that is not covered by SSI. Most importantly, the son’s eligibility for governmental benefits would not be jeopardized.

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