Trust Attorney in New York

Trust Attorney in New York

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Whether you live in the five boroughs, the surrounding counties of New York, or Long Island, Mishiyeva Law PLLC., is here to assist you with your estate, probate, and trust matters. We take a client-oriented approach and examine your unique situation so we can provide with the most optimal estate planning strategy that accommodates the needs of yourself and your family. We want to connect with you a trust attorney immediately.

We handle a wide variety of issues from medicare and medicaid planning, to trust and will drafting. We assist estate administrators, beneficiaries, and executors from a support role as well.

We can assist you in the following instances: General Estate Planning, Special Needs Planning, Elder Law, Estate Administration, Trust Management and Trust Drafting, Will Drafting, Will Contests, Guardianships, Estate and Probate Litigation, & Estate Tax Planning.

Why Get a Trust?

Using a trust in your estate plan can be a powerful tool. When you have a trust, you can avoid probate. Probate typically occurs when you have only a will in place. By avoiding probate, you avoid time spent in court and additional attorney and filing fees. Be aware when you enter into probate, there is a possibility of a will contest. That means the validity of the will will be disputed by another party.

By establishing a trust, you clearly identify who should receive your property, under what conditions, and when they should receive it. There are no disputes. You also identify who the trustee should be. The trustee is the individual who will oversee your assets and disburse them as stated in your trust.

Contact a Trust Lawyer in New York

Do you think it’s time to get yourself a trust? Call us and we can set you up with a trust lawyer immediately. We have office locations in Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan. We can offer a free consultation so we may assess your situation and recommend an estate plan that will offer you security. Call now : (646) 736-6328.

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