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The probate process can be overwhelming. When a will is set in place, in order for it to be verified by the Surrogate’s Court, it needs to go through the channels of probate. Most estates go through this process, and it can quickly get  complicated to a layperson. The most important tool you can align yourself with when an estate planning device, such as a Will, is needed or the estate has to be administered is a Queens Estate Planning Lawyer. With experience, a strong legal education from Rutgers Law, and a relentless approach to helping her clients in all estate matters, Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq., the founder of Mishiyeva Law PLLC., is here to be with you side by side and guide you to resolving all of your estate issues.

At Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., we sit down with executors and personal representatives of the estate and analyze what affairs are needed to be taken care of. Some of the duties that we can assist with are:

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The Probate Process Done Right

When an estate has a personal representative or an executor, that means they have an assigned individual responsible for dealing with the various tasks involved with an estate such as maintaining properties, paying the appropriate taxes, and settling any and all affairs in connection with the estate. Our firm works very closely with said individuals.

Probate cases can come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be very straightforward without any serious nuances involved, whereas others require countless hours in Surrogate’s Court. Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., is here to provide an added measure of professionalism, protection, and experience to ensure all probate and administration matters are dealt with accordingly.

Inheritance Disputes, Will Contests, & Estate Law Disputes

An individual’s will can be challenged. This not an uncommon occurrence. Either a family member or a friend may recognize the will to be fabricated or are under the assumption that the decedent was coereced into formulating the will in a specific manner because of undue influence. Mishiyeva Law PLLC., knows how to handle such sensitive and often extensive issues. The firm does its upmost best to find a resolution.

Queens Estate & Probate Lawyer

queens probate lawyer

We are ready to help you and your family with any estate and probate matter. We are proud to serve the great borough of Queens. We are available to help clients in the following neighborhoods: Jamaica Queens, Rego Park, Bayside, Rockaways, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Woodside, Astoria, Forrest Hills, Ridgewood, and Howard Beach.