NY Estate Lawyer

NY Estate Lawyer

Estate Planning

At Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., our aim is to help our clients prepare accordingly when the unfortunate happens, which is the passing of their loved ones. There are two things which are unavoidable: death and taxes. Proper planning does not have to be avoided. We encourage everyone that walks through our doors to consider all the many financial tools and estate planning options available in order to avoid unnecessary costs when a family member or friend dies. Consider the following costs that may be incurred when a loved one passes away: court fees, attorney fees, filing fees, state tax,  & federal tax.

Planning Your Estate

What is included in estate planning? Establishing a will, trust, irrevocable trust, medicare and medicaid planning, finding a trustee, appointing an executor, tax planning, collecting crucial documentation such as insurance policies, original wills, and security certificates, adjustment to policies to insure the proper heirs are shown to be beneficiaries, etc. With the assistance of a NY Estate Lawyer, you can effectively transfer your assets to your loved ones in a manner that will be pre-determined by you. Without proper estate planning, you expose yourself to the possibility of an unnecessary tax burden, strife between family members,  high attorney costs, and many months of court time. Take into account a situation where other parties contest the court order of the transfer to your assets. Without planning your estate, there is a chance your assets will be transferred to individuals that have no business being your beneficiaries.

Contact a New York Estate Lawyer

Do not waste anymore time if you have not established a trust or a will. Contact a lawyer today. Our law firm can provide you with a free consultation so you may get an idea as to what estate planning tools would accommodate your situation. We are available to help all residents of New York including the five boroughs and all surrounding counties.

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