New York City Probate Lawyer

New York City Probate Lawyer

NYC Probate Lawyer

Probate is essentially the process when a testator creates a will and the last will and testament is inspected and verified through Surrogate’s Court. Probate typically takes at a minimum seven months and is usually a very straight forward process when an attorney is dealing with a simple estate with no contests.

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When many beneficiaries and heirs are involved, there are a vast number of assets, or there is a disagreement as to how the executor is operating, then it is time you contact a New York City Probate Lawyer. Call us at (646) 233-0826 if you have a probate matter that needs immediate attention.

When you retain a New York City Probate Lawyer, you equip yourself with a professional who will walk you through the entire process of probate and help you with the following:

  • Know the process: You will be aware of what happens in probate court and out of court. You have someone to keep tabs on the executor and ensure they are doing their job correctly. 
  • Settle possible disputes: Disputes and confrontations arise. Having an attorney by your side gives you more leverage when it comes mediation and conflict resolution. 
  • Court attendance: Your attorney will attend all necessary court hearings and consult with clerks on your matter in the event court intervention is needed. 

A probate lawyer will also deal with all creditors of the estate, notify beneficiaries if they are due a distribution from the estate, local all assets that belonged to the decedent, defend the estate from will contests, file all necessary petitions and motions, perform an accounting of assets, prepare Federal and New York State income tax and estate tax returns, as well as numerous other duties associated with a probate proceeding.

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If you or a loved one have a probate matter, call our law firm at (646) 233-0826. We have two convenient locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Visit our Brooklyn location and our Manhattan location. You can also send us a direct email at 

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