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If a loved one has passed away and you are unsure as to how to proceed from a legal standpoint, we highly recommend you contact an estate law and probate attorney. Whether the relative or friend died with or without a last will and testament, there is a specific procedure set in place to close out their estate. When a person passes away intestate, they die without a will. In this case, the estate would go through a process called administration. An individual will be appointed to oversee the transferring of the assets belonging to the estate. This appointed individual is called the administrator. In the event an individual dies with a will, that means they have died testate. In this scenario, the last will and testament will go through a process called probate. An executor would then be appointed to oversee the estate until the property is transferred. All of this typically takes place in Surrogate’s Court. If you are a Lenox Hill resident living in the 10021 area, call our law firm so we can connect you with a New York Probate Lawyer to better assist you. We are located on 85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004. Call our law firm at (646) 233-0826.

Estate Planning

The term “estate planning” is actually very broad. It can entail setting up a trust, appointing a guardian for a minor, or simply getting yourself a power of attorney. It is essentially the process of pre-exemptively planning for a situation where you will be unable to act due to incapacity or death.  Take some time to read our articles on this area of the law:

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Probate is the process where a last will and testament is examined in Surrogate’s Court and the directives in the will are eventually executed. This process typically takes a minimum of seven months. It is usually a straight forward process unless there are heirs who have issues with the will directives or it is proven that the will is invalid. Read more on this area of law:

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nyc based estate and probate lawyerMishiyeva Law, PLLC., represents administrators, executors, trustees, grantors, beneficiaries, and testators. Probate and estate planning can impact families, individuals, and businesses. Our law firm is ready to help. Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq., the founder of the law firm, is a graduate of Rutgers Law. She concentrates much of the law firms practice on probate, estate administration, and estate litigation. Call us to set up a consultation today at (646) 233-0826.

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