Flatbush Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer, Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq.

In New York State, the probate system is used to distribute property and assets after ones death. Our law firm specializes in providing assistance, legal guidance, and court representation to individuals and families involved in scenarios where a probate matter arises. We are also available for representation in the event a will contest takes place.


Probate typically consists of the following:

If you live in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY within the 11226 area, Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., is an estate planning and probate law firm that is able to assist you with representation throughout the entire probate process.

Our Estate Planning Services

Among many of our services, we can assist you with the following:

Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq., is graduate of Rutgers School of Law and an avid member of the estate planning community. She is available to assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in all matters of estate planning. With offices in Downtown Manhattan and South Brooklyn, her priority is giving you financial control and a sense of preparedness for when you pass one day.

Estate planning is something people confuse as a concept that should be taken seriously at a later stage in life. Our law firm understands first hand that life is unpredictable. Develop a level of predictability by calling us today for a free consultation so we may examine your assets and provide you with clear cut advice as to how you can minimize your taxes, court fees, and legal fees through proper estate planning. We are here to help the Flatbush, Brooklyn community within the area of 11226. Call us today at  (646) 736 – 6328.