Estate Lawyer FIDI

Estate Lawyer FIDI

Estate Lawyer FIDIFinancial District Estate and Probate Lawyer

A law firm should have the following principle in mind: to provide a client as much security as possible. As an estate law firm in the FIDI (Financial District of New York City) area, our goal is just that. We want to give our clients a sense of clarity as far as how their affairs will be taken care of in the event they pass away or are incapacitated. A strong tool in your arsenal that gives you this sense of safety is the tool of estate planning. With estate planning, you position yourself to protect your assets and protect your family. How can our law firm help?

Lower Estate Tax

Minimizing your estate taxes can be done legally. Several legitimate tax shelters exist which can allow you to avoid unnecessary taxes. Also, there is a large variety of estate planning instruments such as trusts that help with decreasing your taxable liability. Contact us today at (646) 533-1667 to find out more.

Set Instruction in the Event of Incapacity

This is something none of us can normally foresee. Long term disability is a horrific situation that families can find themselves in. Through estate planning, you provide directives via a trust to inform your family and friends what needs to be done in the event you have to deal with an unexpected condition. You also specify who you want your guardian to be and how your assets should be distributed and utilized in the event you or a loved one deal with a disability.

Avoid Unnecessary Disputes

Whether you have two families, several siblings, or more than one child, a dispute may arise when no estate plan is in place. By creating a will or trust, you clearly indicate who gets what. This can lead to saving relationships and avoiding unnecessary damage.

Contact an Estate Lawyer in FIDI

If you have an estate planning issue be sure to call your Estate Lawyer in FIDI. Located in Downtown Manhattan, our Estate and Probate Lawyer can sit down with you and examine your case thoroughly. We typically represent any of the follow parties in a estate matters: Heirs, Beneficiaries, Executors, Trustees, Estate Administrators, Creditors, Grantors, & Testators.

Headquartered in the heart of the financial district in the area of 10004 & 10005, we are available to assist individuals in providing premium legal services specialized in estate and probate law.

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