Canarsie Estate Planning Lawyer

Canarsie Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer, Kamilla Mishiyeva, Esq.

Estate Planning Lawyer Servicing Canarsie, Brooklyn

Many of us seem to forget the importance of proper estate planning. Mortality is something we typically do not give much thought to. There are two important questions you need to ask yourself: Do you want to have complete control over your assets after you pass away? Do you want to have a plan set out in the event you become incapacitated?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you are aware of the importance of estate planning. Essentially, those two questions encompass what estate planning is. Another benefit besides situating and protecting yourself for unfortunate events is giving yourself the opportunity to bring order to all of your affairs. Property titles, insurance policies, beneficiary designations; all of these important documents are organized by your New York Estate Planning Lawyer to prepare for a worst case scenario. If you live in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn, NY within the zip code of 11236, our attorneys are available to answer all of your estate planning and probate questions.

The best time to begin the process of estate planning is now. By putting something in writing today either through a will or a trust, you take command of your affairs. Otherwise, a court, executor, estate administrator, or a guardian will be the one making the decisions for you without your prior approval. Take the opportunity to give yourself and your family a peace of mind. The first step should be contacting a NY Estate Planning Lawyer today. Mishiyeva Law, PLLC., provides the following services:

If you require any of the following services, contact us today at (646) 736-6328. We service the Canarsie area along with all surrounding neighborhoods within Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Bronx.

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