Asset Protection

The concept of asset protection is not any new invention.  For centuries, individuals and entities have engaged in asset protection planning in one form or another.  As early as the 18th century, Thomas Jefferson was successful in conveying particular property to his daughter so that the creditors of his son-in-law were unable to seize those assets at the time of his death.  In the infamous O.J. Simpson case, when it was time for the estate of Nicole of Simpson to collect their $33 million civil judgment, all that was up for grabs was $500,000 worth of memorabilia.  The rest of his multi-million dollar empire had vanished, all due to the asset protection strategies utilized by Simpson and his legal counsel.

Be advised that asset protection should not be undertaken in any illegal matter.  With the right counsel, assets can be effectively protected in a legal manner – without partaking in the unlawful practices of concealment (hiding of the assets), fraudulent transfers, or tax evasion.

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